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Creative Art Therapy

Sometimes there are no words to describe how we are feeling. In this case it can be easier to communicate an internal state through a drawing, an image, a movement, a gesture, etc. There’s a simple reason why this is so: non-verbal communication often connects us more deeply to ourselves and expresses our inner circumstance/issue more directly than we often can with verbal communication. A picture, an image or a movement, etc. can also be safe as it allows the expressed content to be held rather then be exposed, as words so easily do. Therefore we often allow a more unfiltered and authentic transmission of our internal states, personalities, thoughts, feelings and vibrations through creative expression.

What does a process with this method look like?

With innerprocess I use an individually-guided and creative approach, which allows you to come into contact with your energy, your thoughts and emotions. We work with current life-themes and inner dispositions, as well as with spontaneous “in-the-moment” creations, which bring unconscious inner dynamics and hidden themes to the surface. You are invited to explore your inner blockages, perceptions, desires, moods, reactions, etc. During the art therapy process you may choose to express a dominant feeling signature, or an issues at hand through colors, lines, forms and figures.

As we reflect the creative process, we also examine the parallels between your external life-experiences and the innate information visible in your creations: how these two factors shape your inner-life, what unconscious material has come to the surface, what potentials want to emerge, what may be the next developmental step for you, etc. You can learn to understand, accept and integrate parts of yourself, and become more aware of elements and qualities that you may not have recognized before, such as gaining insights into problematic issues and patterns. We can then support you to develop skills to help cope with, transform and/or resolve these issues.

Applied methods from art therapy:

  • Psychological Art Therapy
  • Expressive Art Therapy
  • Clinical Art Therapy
  • Transpersonal Art Therapy

innerprocess works with various creative-therapeutic techniques and mediums, including drawing, painting, clay-work, role-play, poetry, text and voice work.


An individual naturally strives to develop his/her innermost creative potential, and desires to participate in life by expressing it. Living life to one’s fullest creative potential gives one a sense of wholeness, satisfaction, empowerment and inner freedom. If we can’t develop in this way, we gradually find ourselves shrinking, losing our zest for life and our motivation. In other words we fall asleep and life becomes arbitrary.