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Supervision, creative arts therapy

I offer supervision for the following fields of therapeutic treatment: art therapy, expressive arts therapy and other holistic, creative-therapeutic treatment methods. Innerprocess supervision is designed for therapists and students in training as well as professional therapists.

The supervision focuses specifically on case supervision, i.e. the therapeutic work with the patient. Together we look at and clarify questions and issues arising from the challenges of the job and the therapeutic process. We also look at and investigate alternative interventions and useful techniques for treatment as suggested.

Supervision in most cases takes place in one-on-one sessions, but can also take place in small groups (up to 3 people) with other trainees. Appointments and fee are by request.

Supervision offers:

  • An in-depth consideration of and reflection on the therapeutic process;
  • An exploration and understanding of transference and countertransference issues in the therapeutic relationship;
  • A careful evaluation of the creative art therapy process at hand;
  • Inspiration for new creative interventions and directives in relation to the creative therapy process with the client;
  • Advancement and improvement of treatment skills, professional development and qualification for trainees and therapists;
  • Clarification of the tasks, functions and role of the creative art therapist.
  • Better understanding of the job structures, modes, and formulation of problems in a clinical setting;
  • Support in challenging or stressful work and client-related situations and conflicts;

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