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Therapy for creative art therapy students in training

As a qualified training therapist I offer a very specific type of therapy, self-exploration and self-development for prospective therapists, students and therapists in training. My fields are art therapy, expressive art therapy, social work and other holistic, creative and affiliated therapeutic training programs.

One’s own therapeutic process is an extremely important part of one’s learning to become an aware, healthy, and fully present therapist. In most cases, therapy for therapists in training (as well as supervision) is mandatory.

Therapy for creative art therapy students in training offers:

  • Exposure to different methods (see list of methods) by means of exploring personal life themes;
  • Experience of your own therapeutic process. This supports, amongst other things, a prospective therapist’s integrity, depth of experience and stability;
  • The possibility of becoming aware of personal psychological processes, patterns of behavior, projections, etc. This increased awareness enormously helps future therapeutic work;
  • The realization of unconscious and unexamined facets of your personality and the opportunity to work with them;
  • Reflection on your own learning processes and processes of change during training.


If at the soul’s core we are images, then we must define life as the actualization over time…

of that originating seed image, what Michelangelo called the “imagine del cuor”, or the image in the heart, and that image—not the time that actualized it—is the primary determinant of your life.

James Hillman