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Testimonials and Recommendations

In therapy (as a therapist in training) with Jasmin Bloch I experience an extremely comprehensive and multi-faceted approach. Through working with her I can see how well different methods like painting, reflection of the art process, role-play, imagination, work with dreams and consciousness can be harmoniously combined.  There was a lot in the wonderfully moving deep-imagery work which I was able to incorporate into my own work as a therapist in training. I rate not only her analytic abilities very highly, but also her intuitive, insightful way of examining different emotional states and images in more precise detail. Above all her work with dreams and inner images opened important doors for me, and took me to very deep and hitherto concealed levels.
Petra Eyholzer, art therapist in training, Huasen am Albis, Switzerland

One of the greatest benefits of being in therapy with Jasmin Bloch has been to gain greater inner confidence and less fear of people. My relationships with others have improved. I learned about my shadow side, this unknown hidden unconscious influence on my emotions. Therapy helped to somehow find a peace and integrate these hidden shadow territories from the past. It was actually quite empowering and Jasmin encouraged me to utilize the new knowledge. The grounding meditation was also a very good tool. For example, it enables me to sit still and not avoid my feelings, which was a bad habit I had fallen into. Dream analysis was enlightening and even fun. It helped me to get an insight into my spiritual journey and my own hidden talents and strengths. I was so satisfied with Jasmin’s work that I even recommended her to my 17-year old daughter who has in the meantime also benefitted from her process.
V.T., Client, Zurich/Canada

Jasmin Bloch’s work is a mirror which lets me see things about myself which an ordinary mirror doesn’t show. I view myself, my behavior, thoughts and memories in a new way. I transform or eliminate what is weighing me down, and become free. Jasmin Bloch carefully supports and guides me in that. She helps me to do it for myself. What I gain with her stays with me, as an enduring order to my well-being.
J.K. Client, Switzerland

Jasmin Bloch always amazes me how she manages to bring especially young and poorly motivated people to a satisfying and happy level of stability and development. I only have a faint idea of how she manages this. In any case, this work demands not only a high competence, but also a reliable and trustworthy personality. It’s a great relief and asset for me to be able to continually refer patients/clients with psychological difficulties to her and to know that they will be in very competent hands. Her sessions offer a unique blend of inspirational and encouraging processes that can bring new meaning to a person’s life. It’s wonderful to have you, Jasmin!
Therese Augsburger, psychiatrist and psychotherapist, meditation and yoga instructor, dietician.

Ms. Bloch is held in very high esteem both by me and by the students as a *thoroughly energetic and innovative seminar leader. She’s very competent in her work and her therapeutic treatment. She brings her specialist studies and training as well as her many years of experience as a therapist, Vision Quest guide and wilderness therapist to bear powerfully and creatively. She is able to attentively guide the students in their processes and attune them to their own mental processes. Ms. Bloch’s actions encourage a great deal of sensual perception, both inward and outward. Her actions betray an acute awareness of her responsibility and a genuine and deep capacity to enthuse about processes of change and transformation.
Bruno Wirth, Psychotherapist and art therapist
Director of the Art Therapy Program IAC (integrative center for education)