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Transpersonal Psychology

When we begin to understand what the foundation of our reality is – that is, when we recognize our underlying beliefs as part of a story of a “greater whole” — our experience of life can take on a transpersonal significance.

Transpersonal Psychology works with one’s psyche, consciousness, thoughts, emotions, body, and expression through a holistic, energetic and multi-dimensional system. The different levels of this system are seen as interconnected. They interact with and influence one another. When a disturbance manifests itself on one level/in one place, we’re often able to address it on another level.

This method uses the following elements:

  • Observation and contemplation;
  • Investigation and practice of various perspectives and levels of consciousness (i.e. the personal and collective consciousness);
  • Working with intuition, energy, expression and law of attraction;
  • Working with shadow and light aspects of the personal and collective system, such as projections, etc.;
  • Shifting and transforming thought forms and inner emotional states;
  • Deep Imagery Therapy and meditation;
  • Working with dreams.

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