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Deep Imagery Therapy

Deep Imagery Therapy is an effective method that addresses inner attitudes, core beliefs, reactions and symptoms. It taps into another source of perception and self-awareness and supports the development and treatment of one’s own inner life. By perceiving internal images, a person can directly create an authentic dialogue with his or her body, mind and emotions.

What does a process with this method look like?

Deep Imagery Therapy takes place in a relaxed physical state (lying or sitting) by way of guided visualizations, imaginative dialogues and verbal exchanges between therapist and client. The process offers a gentle but very honest and deep connection with oneself. We will examine and work with different inner realms of consciousness and emotional states. These states mostly relate to current life themes, problematic issues, blockages, behavior patterns, slumbering potentials, inner wisdom, etc. In the course of a subsequent reflection and integration of the deep imagery process, the symbolism of the images — their messages and meaning — are carefully explored and analyzed.

Deep Imagery Therapy further allows the client to explore new territories of sensations, feeling states and altered perspectives by way of looking at things through the witnessing consciousness on an internal, imaginative level. This method can truly inspire and support constructive inner transformation and healing.

  • DIT – Deep Imagery Therapy
  • PITT – Psychodynamic Imaginative Trauma Therapy
  • QHHT – Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (special offer: please contact me for further information).