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My journey to innerprocess

I was born in 1974 and raised in Switzerland. At age 19, I followed a call and left my country to live and study in the USA. I ended up staying in New York for 11 years. I graduated first from a theater conservatory, and then moved onto attain my bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in creative arts therapy. After my bachelor’s degree, I was drawn deeper into the subjects of creativity, science and human development. At the same time, I began to study astrology as a means of exploring and understanding our potential and characteristics from a universal perspective.

The inventive process of art therapy — the connection of ‘creative thinking’ and ‘doing’ in relation to psychology — led to my sustained belief in it as an effective tool. It allows the human psyche to strive for the greatest fulfillment of itself and contribution to the world.

I then studied for my Masters in Creative Arts Therapy. During that time, I began to engage more and more with research into consciousness studies, spiritual concepts and transpersonal therapy. I started my training in these areas and began to meditate and work with dreams and deep imagery processing myself, thereby investigating different techniques and levels of perceptions and consciousness.

Later, I trained as Vision Quest and Soulcraft Guide at Animas Valley Institute in Colorado. There, I began to integrate my concept of the soul with classical psychology, and relate it to our ecosystem and nature. I also started to incorporate this understanding into my therapeutic work with clients and students.

Today, I am again living and working in Switzerland. I am an actively working therapist, group facilitator and supervisor with over 13 years of experience. I interpret and work with a wide range of clients (in private practice and inpatient psychotherapy units), participants and students, counseling, teaching and guiding adults and young adults in different learning-stages, circumstances and life transitions.

My expertise is in: coping with life-transitions, crisis intervention, personal potential development, consciousness and self-awareness training and transforming thought and emotion. Through innerprocess I work with a natural blend of psychodynamic process work combined with creative and spiritual practices. This includes shadow work, dream psychology, creative arts therapy, Deep Imagery Therapy, Transpersonal Psychology and nature-based process work.

My true passion and commitment to personal development work enables me to support and inspire people on their individual life-journeys. My training and life experience allow me to bring a understanding, depth and warmth to my clients and students.

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