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Dream Psychology

Although we spend almost half of our life in the nocturnal dream-world, we often pay very little attention to this part of our life. But, if we do devote our attention to dreams from our ‘sleeping life’, we can begin to gain insight into our waking life: about our emotional, mental and physical states.

The exploration of our dreams actively confronts us with important issues in our own lives (our life themes) and much more. What subconsciously preoccupies us, beneath the surface of our waking-consciousness, mostly finds expression in our dreams. The subconscious (or dream-consciousness) looks not only to the past and present, but also to the future. It shows us potentials, possibilities, dangers and probabilities, illuminating deep-seated connections to themes in our lives and to our relationships. Our dreams can symbolically direct us to ways of making personal progress.

Applied dream methods: Soulcentric Dreamwork

There are various philosophies around ‘dream work’ and ways dream exploration and interpretation it can be done. The method I use, Soulcentric DreamworkTM, is based on deep psychological, mythological and mystical foundations. The dreamer first tells the dream. We then begin to examine the dream as a mythic story of one’s current personal development. We attempt, by means of exploration (on a mental, emotional, imaginative and physical level), to draw meaningful parallels between your waking and your dreaming lives. Last we aim to help you integrate these symbolical connections and informations, this in effect can increase your understanding and expansion as a person immensely.